Goal:The goal of teaching pathology is to provide undergraduate & Postgraduate students comprehensive knowledge of the causes and mechanisms of disease, in order to enable them to achieve complete understanding of the natural history and clinical manifestations of the disease.

The Broad area of study shall be:-

1. Microscopy and tissue processing 2. Identify the common types of cells by light microscopy 3. Intracellular accumulation 4. Acute inflammation 5. Chronic inflammation and Repair 6. Thrombosis, embolism, infarction and gangrene 7. Oedema and congestion 8. Disturbances of pigment metabolism 9. Tuberculosis 10. Leprosy 11. Amyloidosis 12. Disturbances of growth (Atrophy, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, metaplasia, Dysplasia, hypoplasia)


1. Collection of specimen, anticoagulants and common haematological tests (Hb) 2. Common Haematological Counts (TLC, DLC) & Interpretation of ESR 3. Haemopoiesis 4. Investigations in Anaemia 5. Investigations in Leukaemia 6. Investigations in haemorrhagic disorders

7. Blood Banking


1. Diseases of blood vessels (Atherosclerosis, syphilitic aortitis) 2. Diseases of Heart (IHD & RHD) 3. Pneumonias 4. Tumours of lung 5. Diseases of kidney 6. Gross and Microscopic features of peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer 7. Gross and Microscopic features of other intestinal ulcers 8. Tumours of GIT 9. Diseases of Liver 10. Lymphomas 11. Diseases of male and female genital system 12 &13. Tumours of breast 14. Tumours of skin (Pigmented) 15. Tumours of skin (non-pigmented) 16. Soft tissue tumours 17. Tumours of bone 18. Diseases of thyroid


1. Urine RE - Carryout a bedside routine urine examination and interpret the results.  2. Pregnancy test and Semen Analysis - (Practical  emonstration).  3. Common cytological preparations (lecture demonstration).  4. CSF examination.  5. Serous effusion examination.

E) AUTOPSY: Pathology books recommended
a) Text book of Pathology by Robbins b) Text book of General Pathology Part I & II by Bhende and Deodhare  c) Clinical Pathology by Talib d) Text book of Pathology by Harsh Mohan  e) Text book of Pathology by Muir f) Haematology De Gruchi g) IAPM text book of Pathology


a) Anderson's text book of Pathology Vol I & II  b) Oxford text book of Pathology Vol. I, II & III  c) Pathology by Rubin and Farber  d) Pathologic basis of Disease Robbins

Dr. (Prof.) Ravi Kant Mishra


Photograph Faculty Name Qualification Designation Appointment Mobile Date of Joining
Dr. (Prof.) Ravi Kant Mishra MBBS, MD Professor(HOD) Contractual 9431213715 26-06-2019
Dr. Deepak Kumar MBBS, MD Associate Professor Contractual (BHS) 9431250803 11-05-2019
Dr. Bibhuti Bhushan Prasad MBBS MD (Patho) Associate Professor Contractual (BHS) 7250367946 27-09-2019
Dr. Barun Kumar MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Contractual (BHS) 9431210250 02-02-2015
Dr. Sujeet Kumar Mandal MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Contractual (BHS) 9473454704 28-08-2015
Dr. Satyendra Kumar MBBS MD (Patho) Assistant Professor Regular 9431220188 20-12-2019
Dr. Mukesh Prasad Sah MBBS MD(Patho) Assistant Professor Regular 9431003859 21-12-2019
Dr. Tushar Priyanka MBBS MD Tutor Tenure (BHS) 8105089118 19-02-2020
Dr. Kumari Rashmi MBBS, MD Tutor Contractual 8544240194 27-08-2020
Dr. Shaziya Noor MBBS,MD Tutor Contractual (BHS) 9431450844 01-09-2020
Dr. Dhanesh Kumar MBBS, MD Tutor Contractual (BHS) 9835549052 14-02-2014
Dr. Ankur MBBS Tutor Contractual (BHS) 8877903333 03-09-2015


Sl. No. Photograph Staff Name Department Designation Appointment Mobile Date of Joining
1 Shri Vijay Kumar Kanth Pathology Lab Technician Contractual 9431086256 20-02-2017
2 Shri Rajesh Kumar Bhagat Pathology Peon Regular 9709588956 05-07-2005
3 Kripa Shankar Choudhary Pathology Lab Technician Contractual 9934456216 07-01-2021
4 MD. Aftab Ullah Ansari Pathology Lab Technician Contractual 9973755680 16-07-2010
5 Sumit Kumar Chaudhary Pathology Data Entry Operator Outsource 8051547084 01-07-2019
6 BIHARI YADAV Pathology Peon Outsource 9572471898 23-02-2017