Goal :- The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in biochemistry is to make them understand the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and to orient them towards the application of the knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems.


  1. Molecular and functional organization of a cell and its sub-cellular components.    
  2. Chemistry of enzymes and their clinical   
  3. Chemistry and metabolism of proteins and related disorders.   
  4. Chemistry and metabolism of purines and pyrimidines and elated disorders.    
  5. Chemistry and functions of DNA and RNA , Genetic code; protein biosynthesis &.regulation ( Lac-operon )
  6. he principles of genetic engineering and their applications in medicine.    
  7. Chemistry and Metabolism of haemoglobin.   
  8. Biological oxidation
  9. Molecular concept of body defence and their applications in medicine.
  10.  Vitamins and Nutrition
  11.  Chemistry and metabolism of carbohydrates and related disorders.
  12. Chemistry and metabolism of lipids and related disorders. 
  13.  Mineral metabolism: Water and electrolyte balance & imbalance
  14. Acid base balance and imbalance.
  15. Integration of various aspects of metabolism and their regulatory pathways. Starvation metabolism.
  16. Mechanism of hormone action.
  17. Environmental biochemistry.
  18. Liver function tests, Kidney function tests, Thyroid function tests
  19.  Detoxification mechanisms.
  20.  Biochemical basis of cancer and carcinogenesis
  21.  Radioisotopes.
  22. Investigation techniques : (LCD-Topics ) Colorimeter, Electrophoresis, Chromatography & Flame photometer


  1. Medical Biochemistry - U.Satyanarayan.
  2.  Biochemistry for Medical students by D.M.Vasudevan & Shree Kumari.
  3. Textbook of Biochemistry by -Rafi MD ,Latest Edition.
  4. Biochemistry for MBBS by -Dr.S K Gupta.
  5.  Medical Biochemistry by M.N. Chatterjea and Rana Shinde.


  1. Manual of Practical Biochemistry for MBBS by      Dr S K Gupta & others,Latest Edition.
  2. Practical Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical students by -D M Vasudevan & Subir Kumar Das.
  3. Practical Clinical Biochemistry methods and Interpretations by Ranjana Chawla.

1. Harper's Biochemistry.
2. Medical Biochemistry by N.V.Bhagwan.
3. Biochemistry by L.Stryer.
4. Biochemistry by Orten & Neuhans

Dr. (Prof.) Uday Shankar Choudhary


Photograph Faculty Name Qualification Designation Appointment Mobile Date of Joining
Dr. (Prof.) Uday Shankar Choudhary MBBS MD Professor(HOD) Contractual 9934243700 23-01-2019
Dr. Varsha Sinha MBBS, MD Associate Professor Contractual 9431213800 13-05-2016
Dr. Rolly Bharty MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Regular 9472503031 29-02-2020
Dr. Shahnawaz Hasan MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Regular 8009446883 29-02-2020
Dr. Sharmila Dev MBBS Tutor Tenure (BHS) 9431274888 14-05-2016
Dr. Anand MBBS, MD Tutor Tenure (BHS) 8986180956 25-09-2017


Sl. No. Photograph Staff Name Department Designation Appointment Mobile Date of Joining
1 Shri Ramanand Singh Biochemistry Lab Technician Regular 9430479075 09-01-1989
2 Shri Bijay Kumar Singh Biochemistry Lab Attendent Regular 9430457144 24-12-1988
3 Sri Sanjiv Kumar Singh Biochemistry Lab Technician Contractual 9973380162 27-01-2014
4 Manish Kumar Biochemistry Peon Outsource 8969440834 27-02-2018