Radiology technicians produce clear and accurate images of the body that enable physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions that would otherwise be difficult to document. Technicians operate sophisticated equipment that includes X-ray, mammography, computerized axial tomography (CAT) and positron emission tomography (PET) scan devices. By guiding patients through each step of their medical imaging procedures, these specialists ensure the production of high quality images. They also play a pivotal role in assuaging the anxieties of patients who may be concerned about the procedure or their condition. 

Dr. Anand Kumar Murarka


Photograph Faculty Name Qualification Designation Appointment Mobile Date of Joining
Dr. Anand Kumar Murarka MBBS, MD Professor(HOD) Regular 9431874428
Dr. Mukesh Bihari MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Regular 9431214660
Dr. Sachin Kumar Singh MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Regular 7488421931
Dr. Suresh Kumar MBBS, MD Senior Resident Tenure (BHS) 06412401078
Dr. Prashun Kumar MBBS, MD Senior Resident Regular 06412401078


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